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Their passion for creating a truly great gin begins with the selection of the raw materials.

They use only the purest water and each of the nine botanicals is carefully sourced to ensure they are of the highest quality.

To extract the full flavours from the botanicals they are marinated with the grain spirit for several hours before the distillation begins. Whitley Neill gin is literally hand crafted, using only two antique copper pot stills that have been used to create quality gin for over 100 years.

Each small batch is checked by the Master Distiller to ensure it meets the standards of excellence they set themselves. The result is a premium London Dry Gin of consistently exceptional quality.

Whitley Neill London Dry Gin is the first premium gin to be inspired by African botanicals. Their blend of botanicals includes two carefully selected from Africa; Baobab and Cape Gooseberry.

These distinctive wild fruits give our gin a vibrancy and energy, which set it apart from others, and bring a new twist to the traditions of gin making.


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