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The Glenlivet distillery roots can be traced back to 1815, it is a well known fact that illicit distilling was going on long before then. In 1817 George Smith leased some land at Upper Drumin Farm, he continued illicit distilling to supplement his crofters wage. During 1823 an Excise Act was pushed through by Duke of Gordon - Smith?s landlord - to stop illicit distilling. Gordon then persuaded Smith to take out the first licence and he also help set up the distillery at Drumin. The demand for Glenlivet steadily increased resulting in the distillery being rebuilt twice. Today the distillery stands at Minmore, where Rivers Livet and Avon meet. Due to the success of Glenlivet a number of distilleries in the region appended the name Glenlivet to their own. In 1880 J.G. Smith took legal action and the court ruled that there was only one ?The Glenlivet?. "The Glenlivet knows no superior, if any equal in its own country." (Prof. George Saintsbury,1920)