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The House of Ch.& A.PRIEUR was established by Jean-Louis Prieur in 1825 in Vertus at the southern end of the Cote des Blancs and remained in the family until 2005. It alone has the right to give the famous name of the Emperor Napoleon to its champagnes. The original label with the universally famous portrait of the capped Napoleon was created by Alfred Prieur at the request of his agent in St.Petersburg, and has been used for exporting to Russia since the launch of the Marque at the very beginning of the 20th century. Of reliable and exceptional quality, this brand, a Grande Marque de Champagne, reflects the dedication and oenological expertise of a traditional small Champagne House whose experience spans over 175 years. It makes truly outstanding "cuvees". Today Champagne Napoleon is established as a member in the select stable of the Goutte d'Or association of Champagne producers, who will preserve the marque and the quality of this superior champagne into the future. Without a massive annual production Champagne Napoleon retains its exclusivity.