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'Green Point' is on a spur of land running from Yeringberg Hill to the Yarra river, in the heart of the Yarra Valley. It is the home of Domaine Chandon Australia, where Green Point sparkling and Green Point still wines are produced. It is named 'Green Point' because in the 1850's the early settlers of the Yarra Valley observed that, each year, as summer advanced and the grass turned straw colour, this property remained green longer than any other . The reason for this is that the ancient alluvial soils at Green Point are deep and therefore retain moisture well into the summer. These soils combined with the Yarra Valley's cool climate, define a site with ideal 'terroir' for growing wine grapes. Domaine Chandon at Green Point was established in 1986 by Moet & Chandon to produce high quality sparkling and still wines that reflect in their aromas, flavours and structure the Australian terroir in which they are grown. 17 years on, 'Green Point' wines are recognised for their style and quality in Australia and 16 other countries.