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Menorca is a Mediterranean island which belonged to the British crown over 200 years ago, for most of the XVIII century. Thousands of British soldiers and sailors were stationed on the island in those days.

They frequented the local taverns, but they were unable to find the liquor that was fashionable at the time in their country: GIN. Soon some Man craftsmen found a solution to the problem.

They would import juniper berries and produce gin on the island, using wine alcohol from Mediterranean vineyards.

In this way, gin, a nordic drink, was successfully launched in Menorca. During the XVIII and XIX centuries, it became established as a popular drink, and became an indispensable feature at any special event, private or public, on the island.

In the early part of the XX century, on the initiative of a Menorcan family of craftsmen, a brand name was born: Xoriguer, which began to bottle and carefully commercialise the product which hitherto had only been marketed locally.

Xoriguer is the name of the ald windmill built in 1784, in which many generations of the Pons family had converted bushels of wheat into white flour.

Miquel Pons Justo, heir to a long tradition of craftsmen, wanted to put these traditional values of quality and refinement to use in his liquor company, and for this he chose as an emblem not only the name but also the image of the century-old family business: the graceful windmill with its wind-sails.

Gin Xoriguer ceased to be merely a local curiosity and became a product with an ever widening reach, opening the way in the market with its quality and attractive bottling.

Due to its origins, traditions and Mediterranean characteristics, Gin Xoriguer has gained recognition throughout the EEC, being denominated a guaranteed traditional speciality or specific name of product E.T.G. Mahon-Menorca.

Xoriguer is still a family business, looking to the future, faithful to its origins and to a continuing tradition of craftsmanship, with the desire to please all their clients and friends with its carefully elaborated Gin Xoriguer.