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Convalmore takes its name from the Conval hills to the west of the distillery, this is where it gets it's water supply from. The distillery was established in 1893 by Convalmore - Glenlivet Distillery Company and production began in February of 1894. Ten years later the distillery went into liquidation and it was then sold to W P Lowrie & Co. After facing financial troubles in 1906 Lowrie sold the distillery to James Buchanan, their best customer. Three years later Convalmore was virtually destroyed by a fire, the still house was the only part that could be saved. Within a year it was reconstructed and producing whisky again. When the distillery was reconstructed a continuous still was put in and they began experimenting with continuous distillation of malt whisky. The experiment was later abandoned when they found it was affecting the spirit during maturation. DCL took over the distillery in 1930, it was mothballed in 1985. It was bought by Wm Grant & Sons, who own its neighbouring Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie, to be used as warehouse space. Convalmore has only been bottled as a single malt by independent bottlers and never the distillers.


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