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The days when a local publican and his friends, including a law man and surveyor, get their heads and wallets together to build a distillery are long gone. The vision, commitment and opportunity required to take on such an challenge is, today, found in very few walks of life.

So when local publican, John Duff, decided to build Glenlossie distillery back in 1876 John Duff and Company were established. John Duff had previously been manager at Glendronach Distillery located near Huntly and was well versed on the making of malt whisky.

Glenlossie Distillery is sited, not far from Elgin, nestling under the cover of a fir clad hill. Its site enables the waters running from the Mannoch Hills to collect in a reservoir just south of the distillery. You can just see the reservoir as you drive along the narrow windy road which takes you higher up into the fir clad hills.