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The history of the Banff distillery is just a succession of destructions and reconstructions. The distillery was settled just a mile outside the town Banff, on the seaside North of Speyside. It has been founded in 1824 by James Mc Killigan. Its first name was Mill of Banff then Inverboyndie Distillery. Closed in 1863, it has been rebuilt on another site in Inverboyndie. Destroyed by fire in 1877, it has been the target of a bombing in August 1941. In 1953, an explosion in the still room damaged the distillery once again. The last building of the distillery was destroyed by a fire in 1991. However, its malt can still be found at some independent distillers. The malt of the Banff distillery was used in the "Slater Rodger" blend.