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Six miles from the seaside resort of Nairn lies the village of Cawdor, made famous by Shakespear's "MacBeth". The distillery was founded by a Captain Fraser at the height of the illicit whisky monopoly. He complained that he was surrounded by people who drank nothing but whisky yet he could not sell 100 gallons in a year. The distillery is one of only three ever granted permission to use the word 'Royal'. In Brackla's case, it was bestowed as a result of King William IV?s particular liking for the whisky and it was called 'The King's Own Whisky'. The distillery was rebuilt in 1898 and again in 1966 when the floor maltings were closed and the single pair of stills became two. In the course of that reconstruction programme, most of the older buildings were demolished, although the modern plant is attractively situated looking on to the distillery pond.