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Lying just to the East of Islay, off Scotland's west coast, Jura is one of Scotland's most spectacular but least known islands. The Isle of Jura is 24 miles long by 8 miles wide, 90,666 acres with a population about 180 people and 5000 red deer. The name Jura has several meanings : two brothers Dih and Rah, island of yew trees, and island of red deer. However expert opinion prefers island of red deer. The first official distillery on Jura was built in 1810 but there is evidence that illicit distilling took place as far back as 1502. The Jura distillery has been expanded over the years but still occupies the same site, draws its water from the same natural source and remains the only distillery on the island. Much love, care and skill go into the making of the Isle of Jura Single Malt whisky, with every bottle capturing the true spirit and flavour of the island itself. Unlike some of its heavier Islay cousins, Isle of Jura is a lightly peated, smooth, elegant and dry malt. The secret of its taste starts with the water, the pure Bhaille Mharghaidh spring which feeds the distillery. The unique Stills at Jura then prevent the heaviest fractions of the distillation progressing into the malt. The distillation of Isle of Jura is only one part of the story however. No bottle would be complete without its quiet maturation on the island. Through at least 10 years of changing seasons, Isle of Jura matures, shaped by the mild wet summers and damp, cold winters into the refined malt which finally emerges. The result is a unique Single Malt which truly represents our island home, its land, water, climate and people.