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Dallas Dhu distillery was built on Alexanders Edward's Sanquhar estate, 6 miles from Dallas by Wright & Greig Ltd, a Glasgow based blending company. The distillery sits in a hollow that was thought to be an advantage as the water would come in under pressure. However the land turned out to be boggy, during construction walls began to sink. Construction was completed in April 1899 this was shortly followed by a recession. The distillery changed hands twice before it was taken over by the DCL in 1929. In April 1939 the distillery went on fire causing £7000 worth of damage. During the second World War the distillery remained closed. In 1950 the distillery was connected to the national grid. Up until 1971 the wash still rummager was powered by a water wheel. Dallas Dhu stopped production in 1983. In 1988 it was bought by Scotland?s Historic Buildings and Monuments Directorate, it is now a museum and part of the Speyside's Whisky trail. The distillery is also seen as a time capsule for the distilling industry as it did not have many modernising changes made to it.