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The Glentauchers Distillery Company started as a joint venture between James Buchanan, the creator of the 'Black & White' and 'Buchanan' blends and WP Lowrie, a Glasgow stockholder who had supplied Buchanan from the beginning. The distillery was designed by local architect John Alcock and the work was carried out under the supervision of Charles Doig & Son, Elgin. The first foundation stone was laid on the 29th May 1897 and in May 1898 malting began. In 1925 James Buchanan & Company became part of the DCL empire. Glentauchers worked continuously, with exception of the war-time years, until 1985 when it was mothballed. In 1989 it was sold to Allied Distillers who had it back in production within the year. Glentauchers is a key component in Allied Domceq's Blended Scotch Whisky brands such as Ballantines and Teachers Highland Cream.