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Glen Mhor Distillery (pronounced by purists as Glen Vwar), was named after the Great Glen that flowed west to Fort William. Birnie and Mackinlay built it in 1892 and from that time until 1972 Glen Mhor single malt whisky was produced and managed by the Birnie family. Glen Mhor Distillery had once been powered by a water turbine and had also been the first distillery to exercise the use of malting in Saladin boxes. It's outstanding flavour proved greatly popular as a single malt even when the market was dominated by blends. Neil Gunn, a well renowned Highland novelist and whisky writer, (formerly an excise man at Glen Albyn) wrote the following epigram, with Glen Mhor in mind; "Until a man has had the luck to chance upon a perfectly matured malt he does not really know what whisky is". In 1972 the distillery was bought by DCL but sadly closed in 1983 and demolished 3 years later.