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Inverleven was built as a part of Hiram Walker's huge grain whisky complex in Dumbarton. The malt whisky stocks for Ballantine's blends had been secured, but grain spirit still had to be purchased from competitors. Plans were laid down to turn an old shipyard on the banks of the River Leven, in Dumbarton, into the largest grain distillery in Europe. More than 600 men worked on the grain distillery when construction began in 1937. Incorporated into the site were a small malt distillery, Inverleven, extensive warehousing and a bottling and blending plant. On the day the Dumbarton plant was officially opened - 28 September 1938 - the British navy was mobilised in preparation for war. The distillery operated two traditional stills for the production of Inverleven and also a lomond still which produced Lomond Single malt. Currently mothballed.


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