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The Plantation rum collection is a rare, unique Caribbean treasure. Now with six different rums offered, Plantation provides a wonderful introduction to the traditions of the Caribbean, where each rum uniquely expressing the full potential of its area of origin.

Made according to traditional techniques, these rums have escaped industrial standardisation. They are produced in small distilleries and then aged in Bourbon barrels in the hot island sun.

Most of these rare rums are vintage-dated and, therefore, available in limited quantities.

Rum is produced in most countries in South America and many islands in the Caribbean. Variations in character reflect the terroir of each area of origin. Some estate-bottled rums are of outstanding quality and have a palette of aromas and flavours fine enough to compete with the greatest Armagnac or Cognac.

Jamaica, Barbados, Venezuela in these Caribbean islands and countries, a few independent distilleries, lost among the sugar-cane fields for centuries, distil and slowly age rums from their own estate or plantation.


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