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Ireland has produced fine whiskey for hundreds of years. In fact, the origin of the word "whiskey" is "uisce beatha" an ancient Gaelic term meaning "water of life", and the pot still distillation method used to make all single malts was perfected by the Celts. Virtually all of the single malts made in Ireland goes into Irish blends and very little is sold in pure form. In fact, until very recently, all of the Irish brands available in America were blends. Just as single malt is the aristocrat of whisky in Scotland, Irish single malt has emerged as an important category of premium whiskey from Ireland. Knappogue Castle is proud to be a leader in this fine category. "Single malt" means that the whiskey is the product of a single distillery and is distilled in pot stills using only malted barley. Knappogue adds another dimension to single malt in that the casks are bottled on a vintage basis, according to the year of distillation. Hence, like a fine vintage wine, the nose and style of Knappogue Castle will vary from year to year. For each vintage, a limited number of casks of the finest Irish single malt are selected. The casks are carefully aged until they are ready for bottling. Knappogue adds an Irish spirit to the ranks of the world's finest single malts.