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Few, if any, have a tale comparable with Milfords. Their history touches the history of New Zealand. It involves their South Island landscape. More than this, Milford represents the determination of earlier generations to match the finest single malts they had known in the distant corners of their Scottish homeland. Those that conceived this ambition, unwittingly provided The New Zealand Single Malt Whisky Company with a limited volume of supreme quality single malt, when they first laid casks to mature. As, once made, this single malt was forgotten. Time passed. People moved away. The knowledge of it all but disappeared. Its casks of single malt slept for a decade, undisturbed, overlooked, unknown. Some have lain still longer. The distillery, the last such in New Zealand was dismantled. The story seemed to end. "The casks, though, continued the slow, silent process of caring for their maturing treasure." Their discovery is a story too long perhaps to be told here. Suffice it to say that a whisky of a superb quality and unique heritage has been brought into the daylight. It has inspired our aspiration to resurrect the distillery, to trace the original distillers, to do justice to our rich heritage, to recapture and match this exceptional single malt. We have, undoubtably, high standards to meet. Those that created Milford knew more than a thing or two about quality. Its maker in New Zealand's most Scottish of cities, Dunedin, used the very finest of barleys. Around them, as they do today, they have the advantages of the matchless New Zealand environment. As they knew, snow melt from the Lammerlaw Range between Lawrence and Middlemarch runs into the Great Moss Swamp in the upper catchment of the Taieri River. From here, the fine peat and pure water were both drawn. So the story has not ended. For, of course, the story of a single malt whisky is also one that's told in colour, style, taste. And here, Milford will reward you as it has the palates of the worlds most discriminating tasters and enthusiasts. Milford single malt whisky has, it is not too much to say, been a revelation.