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Drostdy Manor (1804), home to the most generous wines from the Cape. A contemporary core - a classic heritage. Serene, benign and fertile, Tulbagh lies just beyond the Berg River, in one of South Africa's oldest agricultural regions. A haven with a temperate climate, the valley is girdled by lofty peaks in the north and east respectively. First settled in 1699, Tulbagh prides itself on a remarkable balance between three centuries of tradition and a progressive outlook that adopts global trends. The town itself has a charming old-world character, and one of its most historic buildings, the romantic De Oude Drostdy, is home to a select range of contemporary wines - Drostdy-Hof. In the best New World tradition, Drostdy-Hof wines are bold and confident, while displaying more than a touch of classical refinement. They are for everyday drinking. For sharing with good friends. For enjoyment at home. Drostdy-Hof is a whole lot more than you bargained for. Wine of Origin, Tulbagh. Drostdy-Hof's spiritual home is the historic magistrate's court, De Oude Drostdy, in Tulbagh in the Western Cape. The Drostdy-Hof range is certified Wine of Origin, Tulbagh. Tulbagh is surrounded by the Winterhoek and Witzenberg mountain ranges, the slopes and valleys forming the ideal habitat for the wine grape. Historic Manor. De Oude Drostdy was designed by the renowned Cape architect Louis Michel Thibault and built shortly after the establishment of the district and town of Tulbagh in 1804. When the seat of the landdrost moved to Worcester in 1822, De Oude Drostdy passed into private ownership. Over the centuries, the building has withstood the ravages of gusting winds, torrential rains and a devastating earthquake in 1969. It was restored to its original graceful dignity by the National Monuments Council. Today De Oude Drostdy has a dual function: it is museum with a comprehensive collection of early Cape furniture and household items, and it is also a unique venue for wine tasting. The reverential atmosphere of the museum makes a tasting at De Oude Drostdy a singular experience ? after descending a steep, narrow staircase to the historic underground slave quarters, the visitor is welcomed by candlelight and wine barrels displaying the range of red and white Drostdy-Hof wines and sherries. The first wines under the Drostdy-Hof label were released in 1973. Grapes for the Drostdy-Hof range are specially selected from the best wine-growing areas of the Western Cape. This meticulous selection process not only guarantees quality, but also ensures consistency. Drostdy-Hof wines are well-known for their inviting flavours and upfront fruitiness. They are perfect for drinking now, perfect for lovers of everyday drinking wine. Each bottle of Drostdy-Hof is an authentic Cape wine, both in style and taste. There are no hidden surprises. The wines in the range are consistently true to their roots. Drostdy-Hof, more than any other South African wine, embodies the essence of the Cape. It is accessible, friendly and congenial ... in short, generosity in a glass.


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