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In 1805, Count Pletenberg Mietingen came to Karlovy Vary to be treated at its medicinal springs. As was common at that time, the Count's personal physician, Dr. Frobrig accompanied him. As chance or fate would have it, both gentlemen found their accommodation in the Becher family house called 'The Three Skylarks' in Trzni street. In the same house, pharmacist Josef Becher had his pharmacy of high repute.

Dr. Frobrig soon made friends with Josef Becher and they spent most of their time in Becher's pharmacy. They shared a great passion for mixing herbs, aromatic oils and alcohol. By the time Dr. Frobrig left Karlovy Vary, both gentlemen had already conducted many experiments. After his companion's departure, Josef Becher found in one recipe a typically English note by doctor Frobrig: 'I am quite satisfied with this.' From that time on, Josef Becher dedicated every free moment to the development of Dr. Frobrig's recipe.

Success came in 1807, when the recipe for the original digestive liquor was born.


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