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Founded in 1796 as a sugar cane and coffee plantation by Count Tovar y Blanco. Bought by Gustavo Julio Vollmer in 1885 and the first rums were produced. Santa Teresa was the third trade mark registered in Venezuela and first amongst the rum category in 1909.

Today is the foremost family-owned business in Venezuela (4th generation) dedicated to the production and distribution of premium aged rums.

Tropical location, altitude and rainfall give the sugar cane greater yields and sugar content than any other region of the world.

Their continuous fermentation and distillation processes produce lighter alcohols, which are tamer for ageing. They are also able to produce heavier alcohols used for special blends.

Venezuelan regulations require a minimum of 2 years of ageing in oak barrels in order to merit the designation of 'Rum'.

The denomination of origin? Ron de Venezuela? has been officially granted in 2004 as a beverage of distinctive quality from a unique region.