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Whilst travelling around Pakistan with two friends, Adam Pritchard, Managing Director of RJA foods, was introduced to the delicious taste of pomegranate juice. Adam soon realised that there was no other fruit juice drink so rich in health and taste benefits in the UK. Adam and his team decided to develop Pomegreat, a juice drink that offered all the same refreshing and tasty benefits of Pomegranates without actually having to spend ages dissecting the fruit or hunting for them in specialist shops. Adam sources pomegranate fruit in the Middle East and brings it to the UK where it is combined with a special blend of fruit extracts and vitamins to make delicious and healthy Pomegreat. Each carton of Pomegreat uses the juice of between seven and eight pomegranates and each 330ml bottle uses the juice of up to three pomegranates, providing you with all the goodness they contain, straight off the shelf.