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Rossi D’Asiago distillery was founded in 1868 and over the time it distinguished itself as a creator of innovative products, characterised by intense aroma and smooth flavours. The company consolidated its business with decades of hard work and research and it received important awards and great acclaim, including the Gran Medaglia D’Oro and the Grand Prix in Paris in 1904.

Over 100 years later the story of Rossi D'Asiago took a new turn when Francesco Dal Toso, a distiller for almost 70 years and connoisseur of oenology, acquired the brand and productive legacy of Rossi D'Asiago, and refounded his company under the name of Antiche Distillerie Riunite.

The acquisition was a strategic choice because it allowed Francesco dal Toso to acquire real assets in the form of brands, recipes and production techniques that have been passed down since 1868.

The company is a family business where Francesco Dal Toso is flanked by his children Nicola and Patrizia, kept active between production, sales activities and marketing.

Constant effort, very good knowledge of the local area, experience and continual research to improve and introduce new ideas, attention to product quality and client needs make Rossi d’Asiago a very well-known company on both the Italian and foreign markets.