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Vetreria di Borgonovo was founded in 1950. In over 50 years since its establishment, the company in spite of developing production on a large scale, has managed to maintain a high quality standard, and to meet the individual needs and tastes of its customers. The varied needs of a large numbers of heterogeneous customers are a continual stimulus to update their products, from both a practical and an aesthetic point of view. With two very up-to-date kilns and nine production lines, Vetreria di Borgonovo produces 500 different glass-shapes, made using one type of glass, obtained from the fusion of siliceous sand with the addition of fluxes, bleaches and refiners. The glass used is of extra-white sodic-calcic type (lead-free), and the products are moulded through phases of pressing, press-blowing and centrifugation. The production of Vetreria di Borgonovo is classified according to three broad categories: Barware, Tableware and home/industry jars. They can also produce special articles used for promotion campaigns and gifts. In addition, careful attention is paid to wrapping and packaging of the products, and their packaging is devised bearing in mind the double needs of reliability and of creativity.


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