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Alchemy, the mother and pseudoscientific mystical precursor of modern chemistry, was based on the doctrine of transmuting base metals, such as lead, into gold. Medieval alchemists tried to hasten this transformation by heating and refining the metal in a variety of chemical processes, most of which were kept secret. As a result, they made some useful discoveries, including mineral acids - and alcohol! I have long wanted to put together a collection of the world's finest wood-aged spirits. For fifteen years, firstly with my family's distillery - Springbank - and latterly at Bruichladdich, I toured the world promoting the best Single Malt Scotches. During that time it was my privilege to meet some extraordinary distillers and taste their wonderful creations. I found complexities and a sophistication of flavour in their spirits equal to those found in the greatest single malts. I now invite you to share my experience and discover the delights of the world's finest spirits. The selection will be extended over time to include other classic wood-aged spirits from around the globe. Grodon Wright - Alchemist.


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