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In 1976, Sir Iain Noble set up Pràban na Linne Ltd, The Gaelic Whiskies, to provide authentic whisky for the Gaelic speaking islands of Scotland. Their company is one of the few independent businesses in the Scotch Whisky industry, and one of very few with its headquarters in the Hebridean Islands of Scotland.

In keeping with tradition, their whiskies are unchilfiltered. This ensures that the whiskies are of unequealled quality and historical authenticity.

The Gaelic Whiskies pioneered the re-introduction of unchilfiltered whisky. It is the traditional method, producing the best whisky, and was employed by the Gaels when they first invented Uisge Beatha.

As a result, the whiskies retain all the original elements of purity, softness and smoothness.


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