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When Glendronach opened its doors in 1826 many Scottish single malts were matured in Spanish sherry casks. However over the years the ever-increasing rarity and price (they are over 10 times as expensive as standard barrels!) has seen a major switch to American Bourbon barrels by the whisky industry. Indeed today there are perhaps only 2 distilleries that can truly be classified as sherry maturation houses and only one where 100% of the single malt sold still enjoys its primary maturation exclusively in sherry casks. We are proud to be that distillery. Even today if you were to wander around their distillery you would be transported back into the great Victorian era of whisky production. Walk along the line of Oregon pine washbacks fermenting away and their coal fired furnaces the very last in Scotland as they heat the original old ball stills to produce our precious spirit. Smell the damp air in the original stone dunnage maturation warehouses as you walk past line upon line of Spanish Oloroso butts quietly giving up their share to the angels. As you cross the Dronach burn back to the old manor house, you are walking in the footsteps of James Allardice himself, the founder and mentor. He coined the phrase The guid Glendronach and was a stickler for tradition. 170 years on we see no reason to doubt his wisdom or his words.