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Campo Viejo has been part of the history of La Rioja since it was founded.

Throughout these years, they have very carefully watched the birth of each of their wines, from the vineyard to the bottle.

As one of the best and most modern wineries in the world, they combine tradition and experience to produce wines with personality and character.

Any mention of Spain's greatest wine region, La Rioja, must include its greatest wine, Campo Viejo. Located in the heart of La Rioja, Campo Viejo Winery embodies the region's new philosophy of embracing the future without forgetting the past.

The finest expression of this philosophy is the new Bodega Juan Alcorta, an ultra modern facility that blends revolutionary equipment with revered techniques.

Under careful supervision from award winning winemaker, Elena Adell San Pedro, each vintage is a harmony of tradition and science.

The results of this approach are luscious wines with dried cherry and plum flavours, classic oak character and a soft, generous finish.


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