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Cobra Beer Ltd. was founded in 1989 by Karan Bilimoria, then aged 27 and £20,000 in debt. A Cambridge law graduate and qualified Chartered Accountant, Bilimoria launched Cobra Beer when it became clear to him that Britain needed a smoother, less gassy lager, that appealed to both ale drinkers and lager drinkers alike, and also complement all types of cuisines. "I saw that the market was dominated by harsh, gassy Eurofizz beers, all poor partners to food and so I wanted to produce a premium, high quality lager which would complement rather than fight against food." Karan's mission from Day One has been - To brew the finest ever Indian beer and to make it a global beer brand. Cobra Beer is a truly exceptional premium beer, using only the finest natural ingredients - a unique blend of barley malt and yeast, with maize, hops, and rice, the bottled beer is extra smooth and less gassy whilst retaining a premium strength of 5%. With no prior knowledge of the marketplace Karan Bilimoria had entered the most competitive beer market in the world opposite long established, giant brands and at a very difficult time - the first shipment of Cobra was imported in the UK in 1990, at the start of a recession. Sixteen years later, Cobra Beer is stocked in over 6,000 restaurants and in most major supermarkets and off licence chains in the UK. Cobra Beer has also increased its presence mainstream retail outlets and is available in nearly 6,000 pubs, style bars and clubs. Now one of the fastest growing beer brands in the UK, having been exported to more than 45 countries worldwide, and with subsidiaries in India, South Africa and the US, Cobra Beer is clearly on its way to becoming a mainstream, global beer brand. The company continues to go from strength to strength with a compound annual growth rate of more than 42% in the last ten years. Cobra Beer was awarded one Grand Gold Medal and 11 Gold Medals at the 2006 Monde Selection, Brussels - World Selection of Quality, two Grand Gold Medals and nine Gold Medals in 2005, two Grand Gold Medals and four gold medals in 2004, and Gold for three successive years at the 2003, 2002 and 2001 Monde Selection awards. Monde Selection also presented Cobra with the International High Quality Trophy in 2006 for its achievements. Created in 1961 Monde is the oldest and most representative organisation in the field of Quality Selections worldwide. "It is very gratifying to have Cobra's quality recognised as a truly world-class beer by this international body," says Karan Bilimoria. "The significance of winning such a prestigious quality award can not be underestimated when you consider the growing awareness of consumers who have become increasingly vigilant with regard to product quality." Cobra was first brewed in Bangalore in 1990 and imported to the UK for seven years. In 1997 Cobra commenced brewed under licence with Charles Wells in the UK. A 125 year old, family run brewery and the largest independent brewery in the UK, Charles Wells brew leading international beer brands including Kirin from Japan and Red Stripe from Jamaica. With state of the art brewing facilities, Cobra is brewed today by Charles Wells to the same recipe.