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The Cubans say that Mulata is undoubtedly the best Ron. The agreement that enables Mulata to cross the borders of Cuba is thanks to a joint venture stipulated between Distillerie Franciacorta and Tecnoazucar, the Company that supplies 90% of the alcohol used in producing all the Cuban Ron and which launched the Mulata brand in 1993, rapidly gaining the appreciation of the local population and occupying the second place on the market of the island. Ron Mulata, which, due to the authenticity of the production processes and raw materials used, is among the very few that can style itself with the original denomination Ron, covers a line that includes 5 original products distributed by Distillerie Franciacorta: Ron Mulata Silver Dry, Ron Mulata Palma Superior, Ron Mulata Anejo, Ron Mulata Anejo Reserva, Ron Mulata Carta Blanca. In addition to these there are the 3 extraordinary products: Elisir de Ron Mulata, Cuba Cream Mulata and Pina Colada Mulata. The Mulata line stems from a special Ron created by the master distillers Tecnoazucar using acquavite derived from Cuban sugar cane syrup as a raw material, which is then matured in white oak barrels: a process that gives the final product a unique, unbeatable bouquet, and an unmistakable superior touch. Distillerie Franciacorta, founded over a century ago by Luigi Gozio and still managed by his descendants, is one of the leading producers of grappa in Italy. Tradition and quality are the strong points of a reality which is also a reference point in the wine sector, Franciacorta sparkling wines and liqueurs.