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The beginnings of the Spirit Industry Enterprise "POLMOS" in Sieradz date back to 1907. It was the local industrialist Joseph Modelski who founded distillery and started rectifying spirit. In 1936 his inheritors changed the firm into a joint stock company. In 1968 more attention was put to natural environment protection and so the yeast production departament was founded. In the years of 1976-78 the vodka and destillate string departament as well as mixing departament and bottling plant were introduced. The water used for the production is extremely pure since it comes from the enterprise's own ayssal water intake introduced in 1987. The enterprise is still undergoing modernization: in 1992 a completely new bottling line was installed. New brands of vodkas are being introduced as well as new kinds of packages. The buyers appreciate our new products based on our own original recipes. If you are looking for the best products - do call us. We can guarantee high quality and on time deliveries. We are open for any suggestions for cooperation both in the areas of production of alcoholic beverages and in their distribution.


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