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Sobieski Distillery (Destylarnia Sobieski S. A.) in Starogard Gdanski (former: Gdansk Vodka Distillery, former Distillery "Polmos" in Starogard Gdanski) dates back to the year 1846 when a merchant from Gdansk, H.A. Winkelhausen, founded the Manufacturing Plant of Vodkas, Liqueurs and Brandies.

A quarter of a century later, in 1871, the first spirit rectification plant in the Pomeranian region was created.

Between World War I and II the manufacturing plant produced over 60 brands of alcohol.

In 1925 the Treasury purchased a part of the plant which operated within the frameworks of the State Spirit Monopoly.

A wholesale network was functioning before the outbreak of World War II.

During the Nazi occupation the factory produced mainly technical spirit for the army. Three months after the war, the plant resumed production, starting the denatured alcohol bottling section.

It was rebuilt as part of one huge state enterprise associating all plants producing alcohol in Poland.


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