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Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Spirytusowego "Polmos" Warszawa was established in 1991 resulting from the division of nation-wide enterprise "Polmos". Our company, together with the staff of many years' experiences in the range of organization and technology of the production, the marketing and foreign trade, has started the activity in the new organizing structure, aiming at: - production of clear and flavored vodkas, - wholesale and retail trade of alcoholic beverages, - export of Rectified Spirit and vodkas, - import of original wines from Republic of South Africa and Portugal, - import of machines, equipments and spare parts, - import of components for vodkas production, glues for food industry. In 1992 we initiated 4 own wholesale houses of alcohols and in 1993 we started the production of vodkas in our own factory, located in Stalowa Wola, with the most modern technological equipment including water conditioning system based on reversed osmosis. Yearly sale turnover amounts to above PLN 100 million. Vodkas, produced in our factory, have unique, mellow and harmonized taste. They are produced from high quality rectified spirits made in Poland. In August 1999 in an auction way we bought both the trademark of Spirytus Rektyfikowany (Rectified Spirit) - well-known in Poland and in the world and trademark of Zbożowa Mieszana (Grain Blended). We are the exclusive owner of these trademarks and the only their producer. VICTORY VODKA - our leader - is the most dignified vodka in the midst of luxury clear vodkas, prize-winner of: 10th edition of Competition organized by Ministry of Agriculture and Food Economy as the most interesting Food Product of 1998; 4th edition of Promotion Competition "Agro-Polska" at InterRES - Agropol Fair in 1999; Gold Medal in category "The best package" in 1st edition of Competition organized by Biotechnology Institute of the Food Industry. Factory and 5 our own wholesale houses of alcohols cooperate with 45th firms which are the best and the most honest in the distribution of rectified spirits, vodkas and wines on the domestic market. As a result of the privatization process from 1st of March, 2003 we have started activity as the joint stock company.