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In 1850 the family's interests were established as a firm, which by 1925 concentrated on shipping its own wines rather than supplying them to the other shippers.

At 600 to 750 metres above sea level, at Quinta Grande a new vineyard was planted in January 1995. Its 10 hectares (25 acres) constitute the largest single vineyard on the Island and it is also the first on Madeira to be mechanised.

In June 1992 the company undertook an expansion programme with a value of more than US$6,000,000. The new installations provide the company with modern vinification and ageing capacity.

Henriques & Henriques is now the largest independent producer and shipper of Madeira Wines and the only Madeira House who owns vineyards.

The company relies on the most recent technical innovations, keeping however the unbroken family tradition that has lasted for 500 years in the production of the finest Madeira wines.

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