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Minas Gerais is one of the most important states of the Brazilian's federation from the economic, cultural, political and historical point of view.

Since the middle of the XIII century the gold and diamond's discovery turned the small area called Vila Rica de Ouro Preto into one of the world's most important metropolis with more than 100.000 inhabitants while cities like Buenos Aires and even New York had only 10.000 of them.

The gold race in Minas Gerais according to the Austrian rider Stefan Zweig was the biggest one of all times exceeding the Californian and Siberian's.

However the gold was mostly the alluvium kind (surface gold, mixed to the gravel of the rivers) and it was depleted in half a century resulting the dispersion of thousands of people, this phenomenon explains the enormous amount of cities (826), towns-villages (3.000) and the amazing diversity and cultural treasures of Minas Gerais.

That is how the city Nova Unino was born. On the region of Caeto and surroundings, in Minas Gerais, was registered the word Germana to designate cachaca (Ka'- Shah'- sa). The name Germana means something without mixes, pure, genuine. It also has its beginnings on the cultural-religious phenomenon happened on the beginning of the XIX century, when a nun called Germana who lived next to a famous sanctuary (Nossa Senhora da Piedade's Church), has unexpected attacks of throes and revelations of mystical nature, attracting thousands of people in pilgrimage due to the medicines prepared by her with Cachaca and herbs.

For these reasons the cachaca produced by the Caetano family received the name Germana. When the Caetano family, rooted in the Caeto region for over one century, started the cachaca's production wanted to do honor to this region's habits and the religious tradition, making a registration of the beverage with the name of the mystical Germana, a remarkable personage of the popular imaginary, which consolidated the Nossa Senhora da Piedade sanctuary as a pilgrimage place until these days.

The memory of Sister Germana will be eternalised as a trademark of a high quality beverage, with fragrance, flavor and original packaging, that add the secular tradition of the stills of Minas Gerais to the newest production's technologies and occupies a highlight position referring to the consumers' preferences all over the country attending the most demanding tastes.