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Distilling was founded in 1859. Mr Paul Devoille gave a real rise to distilling at the beginning of the century, and this is why, today still, distilling bears its name. Paul Devoille was also a mayor of the commune of Fougerolles during several years.

In the years 1925-1930, Paul Devoille transmitted his distilling to his son-in-law Raymond Gouttefroy.

He is at the origin of the installation of the legislation concerning the distillation of raspberry and he obtained the right to distil the William Pear in France at the beginning of the Sixties (the distillation of the William Pear being prohibited in France before this date).

In 1985, distilling was transmitted to Rene de Miscault. It then made many modifications to the business management and it in particular widened the line of goods and opened distilling Paul Devoille with the public.


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