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1921 Tequila is not just a tequila... it's history since it rescues the same craftsmanship principles used in the XVIII century to achieve the purity, the aroma, the distinction and the delightfulness of this great long reposed and aged Tequila.

Some years ago in the hacienda La Colorado, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico a great discovery was made when in an old house in the principal home of the hacienda, a secret passage in it lead to an amazing and luxurious cave, where saddles, guns, gold coins, chapel relics and chests filled with souvenirs were found, but principally some bottles that sparkled under the sunlight, that came in after such a long time without doing it.

These bottles hidden for more than six decades and whose mud labels were almost illegible, contained a liquor that turned out to be Tequila of an exceptional quality; surely, this Tequila was drank only by the Hacienda owners. And to celebrate this discovery, they selected a probable date of the event: 1921, the same date in which Mexican revolution concluded and gave a name to exquisite Tequila .