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Tequila Tapatio, made by Camarena Family at the 'La Altena' Distillery outside the town of Arandas, in the highlands of Los Altos where the very best Agave is grown.

(Tapatio is the Mexican word, meaning a person from Guadalajara.)

This is Tequila made in the same way as it was 100 years ago with a stone wheel (Tahona) turning round and round in a pit crushing the Agave, then mixed by foot, by a man up to his chest in a barrel of Agave juice and crushed agave fibres, before fermentation and distillation, including the unique style of adding the Agave fibres to the distillation. Visiting the distillery is a trip back in time!

This is an experience rarely to be found with modern day Tequila. The Blanco has a pronounced peppery/spicy aroma and extraordinary explosion of flavours in the mouth. You won't want to shoot or slam this nectar!


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