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The PartidaTequila story begins in 2001 with Gary Shansby, noted San Fransisco based marketer and brand builder with famous Amos cookies, Muana Loa Macadimias, Terra Chips and vitamin water already to his credit. Gary had long wished to apply his expertise to the development of a premium spirit. This drive, combined with a deep love and respect for Mexico, led him to an immersion in Mexico's rich and distinguished Tequila culture. Hi findings? The foundation of a premium tequila is reliable and carefully cultivated supply of blue agave from which premium tequilas are distilled. Shansby observed the similarities between tequila and another renowned agricultural product, fine wine, through his research into the rich heritage and romance of Mexico's tequila region. Fortuitously, Gary met Sofia Partida, the Californian based niece of Entrique Partida, owner of a five thousand acre blue agave estate in Amatitan, Jalisco, the birthplace of premium tequilas. That meeting launched an intensive three year year project during which the cultivation, cooking and dstillation of Partida Tequila were tirelessly examined. Old traditions were strengthened; new developments were implemented. The marketing of Partida Tequila was planned to reflect the true heritage and pride of Mexico. othing was left to chance. The final result? The distinguished Partida Tequilas.


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