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Sovio is produced by DB Wines Limited. They aim to provide new and better choices for UK wine consumers, by producing delicious wine which has full aroma, flavour and integrity, yet is reduced in alcohol content. They believe that this addresses a number of important consumer trends. The UK wine market has been changing dramatically and wine is now the UK's favourite alcoholic drink. One of the reasons for this is the rise in wine purchase and consumption by women. This means changes in what consumers expect from wine and provides new challenges for wine producers, as well as for bars, pubs and clubs.
The alcoholic strength of wine continues to increase, as the result of climate change, improved viniculture and changing tastes. Yet many people are concerned at the alcoholic content of wine when consumed in bars, pubs and clubs. They wish to moderate their consumption of alcohol when out of the home, for reasons including diet, family commitments, driving, health, lifestyle, self-image and work. However, the lack of suitable alternatives to full-strength wine in bars, pubs and clubs means that, for many people, drink purchasing can sometimes be an unsatisfactory compromise, rather than a positive choice. D B Wines believe that the time is right for a new way to enjoy wine. A way which delivers the 'fruit forward' style many people prefer, and the authentic wine characteristics and integrity they expect - but delivered in a way which is lighter, softer and more refreshing. We hope that you will discover the secret of Sovio very soon.