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Cachaca Gabriela has been produced since 1963 and is hand-crafted, made on the Santa Esilia Farm, located in Bonfim Paulista, a district from Ribeirao Preto, in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The drinks production and tradition passes from father to son and is already the third generation from the family that produced the first Gabriel cachaca. Well known in the region, and for a long time Cachaca Gabriela was sold in big bottles (without a label or a real name) for lovers of the drink. Produced in small scale, through copper's alembic, Cachaca Gabriela came into it's own in 2002, and created a bigger audience. Their objective is to reach the international market as there is great interest in their cachaca. Since 2003 the drink became certified by AAO (Organic Agricultural Association) as an organic product. Ecologically correct, the great differential of Cachaca Gabriela is the way in which it is produced, attending to all the demands in maintaining their environment in harmony.